Hong Kong Crime Thriller Eye in the Sky on DVD

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Yesasia.com has put up Yau Nai Hoi’s Hong Kong crime thriller “Eye in the Sky” for DVD orders, with an expected release date for August 4, 2007. The Johnnie To-produced thriller is the directorial debut of longtime To writer Yau Nai Hoi, who has written some of To’s best movies, including “Election”, “PTU”, and “Running on Karma”. Okay, so “Karma” was kind of iffy, but the others are just great To movies. “Eye in the Sky” is easily one of the more anticipated movies out of Hong Kong in a while.

Simon Yam and Tony Leung Ka Fai square off in the cat-and-mouse police thriller Eye in the Sky, produced by Johnnie To’s Milkyway Image Films. Yam is Mike, head of the SU (Surveillance Unit), a dedicated unit of cops whose job is to follow, listen, and learn – but they must never engage their quarry. They’ve just taken on a new member, rookie cop Bo (former Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui), and she receives a trial by fire when charismatic criminal Shan (Tony Leung Ka Fai) stages a daring daylight robbery. The SU immediately begins searching for Shan, using every resource at their disposal, from camera surveillance to smart card tracking to plain, old-fashioned legwork. But Shan is no ordinary criminal, and seems to be as smart as the cops on his trail. When the game escalates to life and death stakes, Bo becomes the only one who can track down Shan and bring him to justice.

Pre-order your copies now for a August 4th, 2007 release.

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Hong Kong Crime Thriller Eye in the Sky on DVD

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Hong Kong Crime Thriller Eye in the Sky on DVD

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