Hong Kong Prepares for Its Own Giant Monster Invasion in Red Jade

Red Jade (2015) Movie PosterI’ve a sneaking suspicion that tons of motion pictures featuring giant monsters on their way to the big screen in the coming years. If folks aren’t inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” then the upcoming “Godzilla” reboot should do the cinematic trick. As a fan of monsters, especially the kind that can wipe out an entire population with a flick on its tail, I don’t necessarily have a problem with this.

We might have to wait a year or so for Worldwide Film Entertainment’s “Red Jade” to find its way into our feeble little brains, but it could be worth the wait. Not only does it feature a giant monster, there’s also a superhero tasked with taking the creature down. How freaking lucky are we?

Here’s the official synopsis:

An archeology student and his professor who find that vandals have loosened a ferocious earth-bound monster wrecking havoc on the city of Hong Kong, then discover a talisman that turns the young scholar into a super-hero.

Financing on the flick is reportedly 100% complete. Now we just have to wait for the filmmakers to put the damn thing together. While you’re waiting for 2015 to roll around, spend some time with the official promo below. It’s nifty.

Via : Horror-Movies.ca