Horror Remake Guy Scott Kosar to Polish up Vlad’s Impaling Sticks

Call it the dueling Vlad the Impaler wasn’t really all that bad of a guy projects. You’ve got Plan B (that’s Brad Pitt’s shingle) and Summit Entertainment’s action-adventure take on the character in “Vlad”, and then you got Alex Proyas’ own re-imagining of the infamous fella called “Dracula Zero”. Personally, being a huge Proyas fan, I’m looking forward to see what Proyas can do with the legend. But I have to admit, a more action-adventure take on Vlad would be interesting, too. Summit and Plan B’s “Vlad” has hired on horror movie remake guy Scott Kosar (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Crazies”, and “Amityville Horror” remakes, as well as “The Machinist”) to work on Charlie Hunnam’s script.

“Vlad” will be directed by music video vet Anthony Mandler, whose only directing credit is an episode of “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood”.

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