Horton Director Hears a Jonah Hex

So I guess this means the live-action “Jonah Hex” movie isn’t going the down and dirty route? If it does, then it’s going to be a heck of a directorial job by Jimmy Hayward, who has just been announced by the Brothers Warner as the new helmer of “Hex”. Hayward’s previous credit includes co-directing the animated “Horton Hears a Who” with Steve Martino, and before that, working in Pixar’s animation department on films like “Toy Story”, “A Bug’s Life”, and “Monsters Inc”. Yes, all kiddie CG films. So yeah, considering Hayward’s filmography, it sure doesn’t look like this Jonah Hex is gonna be all that dark, or moody, or gritty. Wonder how they’re going to swing that when the hero has pizza for a face…

THR has more:

The character of Hex, known for having the right side of his face disfigured and wearing a Confederate army uniform, was a rough-and-tumble gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter whose adventures always ended in blood. One incarnation of his comic book series saw the Western genre combined with supernatural elements, and it’s this aspect that was featured in Neveldine and Taylor’s script. The studio will likely keep the script, though it’s expected that Hayward will put his stamp on it.

Hayward beat out Andy Fickman (“Race to Witch Mountain”) and McG (“Terminator Salvation”) for the honor of replacing the departed Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who jumped ship after a “creative differences” spat with, according to rumors, the studio vis-a-vis star Josh Brolin. Then again, when is a comic book movie not been covered in fanboy rumblings of trouble?

Still, maybe they can make the movie CG instead and have Jim Carrey come in to voice a smart-alecky mule that Jonah Hex rides on? Box office gold, baby!

Below: Don’t tell Jonah Hex he has a face for radio. He’s very sensitive about that.