Hugh Dancy is Will Graham in Hannibal TV Series

Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Movie ImageBritish actor Hugh Dancy has landed one of the two main male leads in NBC’s “Hannibal” TV series, the network’s “contemporary” take on the serial killer made famous by Anthony Hopkins in the “Silence of the Lambs” films.

NBC’s take will find Hannibal the Cannibal as a young man, and chronicle his “budding relationship” with FBI agent Will Graham (Dancy). Hannibal is still uncast. Dancy joins Ed Norton and William Petersen as actors who have played FBI serial killer catcher extraordinaire Will Graham in the past.

The show is from “Pushing Daisies” creator and “Heroes” writer Bryan Fuller, and I’m still not entirely sure how this show will work. Will it be a police procedural and complete re-imagining of the character, where Hannibal helps Graham capture bad guys? Or will Graham chase Hannibal, who is learning to try his hand on that whole serial killin’ stuff? That’s the thing, I don’t think anyone knows except Fuller and his cast/crew, and the suits at NBC.

It’ll be interesting how they approach the character, though. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a complete overhaul of the character, to be perfectly honest with you, and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves the Thomas Harris books from which the character is based.

Hugh Dancy in Hysteria (2011) Movie Image

Via : TVLine