Hugh Jackman Confirms Aronofsky Directing Wolverine 2, Makes Grand Promises

Is he directing? Is he only in negotiations? You can stop asking now. According to Hugh Jackman, it’s basically a done deal.

Showing up at something called Elton John’s Enduring Vision gala last night (my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail again, stupid post office), Jackman made some major promises about the upcoming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” sequel, which is set to start shooting early next year with Aronofsky behind the camera.

This is, hopefully for me, going to be out of the box. It’s going to be the best one, I hope. Well, I would say that, but I really do feel that, and I feel this is going to be very different.

This is Wolverine. This is not Popeye. He’s kind of dark. But, you know, this is a change of pace. Chris McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects, has written the script, so that’ll give you a good clue. [Aronofsky’s] going to make it fantastic. There’s going to be some meat on the bones. There will be something to think about as you leave the theater, for sure.

So you get all that? Aronofsky is directing and it’ll be AWESOME. And if it turns out to be mediocre like Gavin Hood’s movie …

Oh, let’s face it. This thing is going to be either one big train wreck or one of the best superhero movies of all time. It’s Darren Aronofsky. The guy doesn’t know how to do anything halfway. It’ll either be great or it won’t. ‘Nuff said.

'Whoa, whoa, Hugh, chill on the high expectations, my man. I'm only human. Or am I? Muahahahhaha.'