Hugh Jackman is the New Avon Lady. Er, Dude.

Okay, so we usually don’t cover comedies over here, unless there’s a really good hook, or we think we can make fun of it in the article. Here’s one that just begs to be made fun of, and at the same time, I could actually see myself watching this thing and blaming it on the girlfriend. (You know, the one from Canada, who you’ve never met, but I assure you she exists?) It’s called “Avon”, and Hugh Jackman has signed up to front the comedy as a laid off (and tough, no-shit taking, we presume) auto worker who must go into the Avon product selling biz to pay the bills.

Variety says 20th Century Fox has snapped up the comedy pitch from Kevin Bisch (who last hit it big with “Hitch”, starring Will Smith), with intentions of handing it over to Hugh Jackman to star.

Story follows men laid off from an auto dealership. One is reluctantly recruited into becoming an Avon salesman, and while the experience is initially emasculating, he uses his charm and good looks to become a top seller. The comedy takes on a “Full Monty” vibe when the car salesman sets out to save his financially strapped family and town by conscripting his buddies into the makeup business to win a regional contest.

See, it’s like “The Full Monty”, except no one takes their clothes off. Which I guess doesn’t really make it like the “Fully Monty”, actually, but you know, they’ll still be selling chick products to chicks, so that’s kinda like stripping, right? Or at least, whoring your manhood.

Below: “Dude, I look so tough in this pic! Too bad the hair is all funky, could use some Avon gel…”