Hugh Jackman Joins Sci-Fi Boxing Flick Real Steel

HughJackmanHugh Jackman is a busy, busy guy. Where he gets his limitless supply of energy from is a mystery worthy of an extentive “Dateline” investigation. Only kidding. Dark Horizons is reporting today that Jackman has signed on to star in Shawn Levy’s upcoming science fiction epic “Real Steel,” which is based on yet another short story by Richard Matheson. Set in the distant future where professional boxing has been outlawed, the pic revolves around a former pugilist-turned-robot fight promoter (Jackman) who stumbles across a neglected mechanical brawler that never seems to lose a fight. Expect lots of computer-generated tomfoolery featuring an assortment of robot gladiators.

I’m thinking “Million Dollar Baby” meets “Robot Jox,” but I’m not going to hold my breath. After all, we are talking about the guy who directed “Night at the Museum,” “Just Married,” and the atrocious remake of “The Pink Panther.” Expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Filming should commence this May.