Hugh Keays-Byrne is The Martian Manhunter in JLA

Or should we say, JLM? Since as everyone has been saying, the Powers That Be seems to have dropped the “America” and instead inserted “Mortal”, which is no surprise to me, as I always expected the filmmakers to drop the “America” from the title from Day 1. (We wouldn’t want to make this movie too American now, would we? Them foreign folks might not like it!) But in any case, AICN is reporting that they know who will play the Martian Manhunter in George Miller’s why-won’t-it-just-die comic book epic: an Aussie actor name Hugh Keays-Byrne (pictured), who originally played Toecutter in Miller’s original “Mad Max”.


My source says that MORTAL is indeed tied to the film, appearing on official documents (sometimes representing the whole title… so it could also be a Blue Harvest situation). The story also lists a guy by the name of Hugh Keays-Byrne as appearing in the movie, but doesn’t say who he’ll play.

That’s right. Hugh Keays-Byrne will play The Martian Manhunter.

So, Hugh Keays-Byrne is The Martian Manhunter, and the JLA movie is now officially called “Justice League: Mortal”, whatever the hell that means. Beh.

Can you tell I’m real excited about this project?

Hugh Keays-Byrne is The Martian Manhunter in JLA