Hugh Laurie Pays a House Call to Robocop

Hugh Laurie in HOUSE TV SeriesLooks like Jose Padilha’s remake of “Robocop” has finally found its villain — former “House” star Hugh Laurie is currently “in negotiations” to play the head of Omni Consumer Products, the villainous corporation that creates Robocop in the first place, then continues to hound the hero through all the three original “Robocop” movies.

If he signs on, Laurie would star alongside Joel Kinnaman, playing Detroit City cop Alex Murphy, who is “killed” in the line of duty only to be resurrected as the half-human, half-cyborg Robocop, an unstoppable and lethal enforcer of the law.

Also in the cast are Gary Oldman, playing Robocop’s scientist creator, along with Abbie Cornish as Murphy’s wife. Samuel L. Jackson was also previously cast as a powerful media magnate. Originally I thought that meant Jackson would be playing the film’s heavy, but apparently not. Or at least, not the obvious ones. You never know when it comes to these corporate types…

Padilha is directing the remake for remake-happy MGM, with Sony distributing the sci-fi actioner that first splattered movie screens in 1987 under the direction of Paul Verhoeven. The film would go on to spawn two sequels, a TV series, and a handful of comic book titles.

Via : Variety