Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull in Captain America!

Or at least, according to THR, Marvel Studios is keen on getting the “Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings” star to sign on the dotted line to play the villain in their sure-to-be-epic comic book movie. The deal is currently in the negotiations stage, but if a trade like THR is already reporting it, it’s probably as close to a sure bet as you will get. Weaving previously starred in “The Wolfman”, which was also directed (eventually, anyway) by Joe Johnston, the would-be director of “Captain America”, so the two definitely have history.

The Batman has his Joker, Superman has his Lex Luthor, and Captain America has his Red Skull, one of those comic book arch nemesis that never, ever dies. I mean, never. If you think it’s ridiculous that heroes in comic books never die, it’s even more ludicrous with the villains, who always escapes to menace our hero another day (or future comic book issue).

I don’t know all that much about the Red Skull’s comic book origins (let’s face it, trying to pin down a comic book character’s origin is like trying to figure out how Wolverine got those metal bones of his, it just keeps on changing), but according to Wikipedia, there have been three Red Skulls so far. The first two were your typical Nazi scum, while the third was a Commie pinko bastard. Besides being all evil and intent on always killing Captain America, the Red Skull is also known for his, er, red skull. Literally. Dude has a red skull for a head. Must be fun at parties, you think?

Now all Marvel has to do is actually cast the bloody lead already…

Captain Americ and the Red Skull are like an old married couple, minus the make-up sex.