Hugo Weaving Reprises The Matrix’s Agent Smith … in a G.E. Commercial

Hugo Weaving GE Commercial

Wow, has it been ten years since the last “Matrix” movie? Why yes, it has, thanks for asking.

Hugo Weaving hasn’t suited up as the original viral menace aka Agent Smith since “The Matrix: Revolutions” in 2003, but he’s slipped the ol suit and tie back on for a new commercial hyping up General Electrics’, er, you know, technology and stuff. There are no signs of Neo or Trinity, though.

Agent Smith in The Matrix Revolutions (2003) Movie PosterOf course, everyone’s gotta pay the bills, even a super deadly computer program that decides it wants to take over the whole shebang. That’s Agent Smith for ya, always ambitious.

Check out the new commercial below. It’s actually pretty slick, but of course, it’s Weaving’s deadpan delivery that sells it (if you can sell a whole corporation, I mean). I wonder if the Wachowskis had to sign off on this, since the commercial was shot to look like an extended “Matrix” scene? Or whoever owns the rights to the franchise at the moment if not them.

Hard to believe that Weaving still looks the same. He also looked the same in the recent “The Hobbit”, too, but then again, actors just don’t age like the rest of us normal folk.

By the way, now that Weaving is willing to suit back up as Agent Smith to make a few side bucks, I wonder if he’s changed his mind about coming back to voice Megatron and doing the Red Skull again. Last we heard, he was burning a whole bunch of bridges on those two fronts, but with “Transformers 4” gearing up, you gotta figure Megatron has to come back, right? A “Transformers” movie without Megatron is like the Batman not knowing who the Joker is.

Via : Business Insider