Hulk Director Louis Leterrier Strays into Eco-Thriller

Reuters describes “Hulk” director Louis Leterrier’s next project “Strays” as a “eco-themed action thriller”. What that means exactly I don’t know, because from the plot outline below, this thing sounds more like your standard strangers thrown together in a dark place and watch them die sort of movie to me. Then again, that’s definitely preferable to yet another movie about how my addiction to Burger King Whoppers and the occasional Jack-in-the-Box curly fries is going to result in the annihilation of Planet Earth. Yes, we’re even talking about the death of the mole people here, folks. Damn you, tasty Whoppers!

Reuters has more on the groovy-sounding plot:

Written by Michael Ross, the Summit project, produced by Film 360, concerns a group of young consultants on a business trip to Russia who mysteriously wake up in an abandoned and radioactive city and must fight to survive.

Eh, they had it coming. Who goes on business trips to Russia? You’re just asking to be knocked out and mysteriously thrown into an abandoned and radioactive city and forced to fight to survive. Suckers.

Leterrier will “develop” and direct “Strays”.

Louis Leterrier