Human Target Pilot Episode Preview Clip

A new but longer clip from Mark Valley’s new FOX show Human Target, where Valley plays a freelancer who hires out to protect people from assassins. The show is based on a comic book, but aside from the premise, it doesn’t look all that comic booky (i.e. no tights, no supervillains). The three-minute long clip repeats some scenes from the clips we previously posted, but there are plenty of new stuff, too. It’s basically a complete rundown of the pilot episode which will guest star Tricia Helfer as the target-in-distress from beginning to end, so in that respect, it’s liable to spoil the pilot for ya. Caveat emptor.

Obviously, the reason why I’m posting so many Human Target stuff is because I know I’m going to love this show, which is probably the same reason why FOX is going to cancel it before the first season is up. Every show I love that’s on FOX, they end up canceling. Such is my history with the network.