Humanimal Trailer Seriously Freaks Me Out. Seriously.

Humanimal5Horror films stopped scaring me a long time ago. The last film that really got under my skin was Neil Marshall’s “The Descent,” which probably had more to do with picture’s relentless claustrophobia than anything else. And while I still enjoy sitting down with the more unusual, avant-garde entries in the genre, almost none of them elicit anything remotely resembling actual terror or fear. Chilean director Francesc Morales’ upcoming surrealist horror outing “Humanimal,” on the other hand, seriously gives me the creeps. Maybe it’s those unsettling animal suits, or maybe it’s the film’s complete lack of dialogue — whatever the case may be, I’m definitely more than a little freaked out. A quick trip to IMDb for a clue as to what, exactly, this picture is all about only amplifies my confusion.

Here’s the only official synopsis I can find:

A couple of animals, the clumsy Turtle and the smart Fox, live locked up in a house. Their chaotic relationship is intensified after they fall in love with Cat, but she is only interested on whom learns human habits.

Needless to say, I’m still in the dark. Regardless of how genuinely perplexing and intentionally cryptic all of this promotional material may be, I’m actually quite pumped about its upcoming release. A specific date has not been set, but as soon as it’s available for consumption, you can rest assured that I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit on a Kentucky politician. Enjoy the trailer!