Hunger Games Easily Holds onto #1 in Week 2

Wrath of the Titans (2012) Movie PosterDespite everyone who wanted to see it probably having already seen it during its opening week, Gary Ross’ “The Hunger Games” still took the top spot at the box office in its second week, easily maintaining its numero uno status over new studio competitions “Wrath of the Titans” and “Mirror Mirror”. Heck, “Hunger Games” actually earned more in its second week than both “Wrath of the Titans” and “Mirror Mirror” combined.

Now in its second week, the Jennifer Lawrence-starrer has made $251 million so far domestically, and $364 million worldwide. The film is still playing in over 4,000 screens, so that probably had a little bit something to do with it.

New competition “Wrath of the Titans” opened in second place with $34 million, well short of the first film’s $60-plus million two years ago. Of course, “Clash of the Titans” making that much money on its opening weekend shocked everyone. What also shocked everyone was its eventual $493 million worldwide tally. Who knew such a badly reviewed film (by critics and moviegoers) could make so much money? The sequel, though, has plenty of grounds to make up. I guess when you think about it, maybe “Wrath’s” disappointing first week isn’t too big of a surprise; although there were plenty of studio advertising, it nevertheless feels like the film was snuck into theaters.

At least “Wrath” did better than Tarsem Singh’s “Mirror Mirror” (aka the first of the “Snow White” movies to make it to opening day), which took third place with $19 million. Although “Mirror Mirror” is saddled with a budget that’s about half of “Wrath’s”, it still opened in slightly more theaters. Then again, the fact that it still cost them $85 million to make “Mirror Mirror”, a film that looks, shockingly, cheap is a mystery only Hollywood can answer.

With “American Reunion” opening next week, look for “The Hunger Games'” reign at the top to end. It would be quite the surprise if it did manage to squeak out another first place win, though I honestly don’t see that happening. Plus, James Cameron is re-releasing his big “Titanic” boat (in 3D, natch) back into theaters next week. It’ll be interesting to see how that one goes. Is there still an audience whose heart will go on over 15 years later?

Via : Box Office Mojo