Hungry For More Retro Exploitation? Run! Bitch Run! is Ready to Assist You

Believe it or not, I’ve actually lost count of how many exploitation homages we’re currently dealing with at the moment, though you won’t hear me complaining about it. As an avid fan of 70’s and early-80’s cinema, I eat this sort of dodgy entertainment for breakfast, lunch, and, depending on the week, dinner. Joseph Guzman’s “Run! Bitch Run!” seemingly follows in the footsteps of such cinematic fodder as “Black Dynamite,” “Black Devil Doll,” and Ti West’s superior “The House of the Devil,” offering up plenty of retro entertainment that promises to be just as low-brow and low-budget as the countless motion pictures which inspired it. The film looks promising, though it’s anybody’s guess if the damned thing will be worth the price of admission.

For the curious, a synopsis:

Catherine and Rebecca are two Catholic School girls going door-to-door selling Religious paraphernalia in order to pay for their books and education. Things go horribly wrong when they knock on the wrong door in the wrong neighborhood. Run! Bitch Run! is a throw back to the classic 1970’s Rape and Revenge films like ‘Last House On the Left’ and ‘Ms. 45.

“Run! Bitch Run!” slipped quietly onto DVD at the beginning of December, so be sure to pick up a copy if the urge strikes you. However, it might be a good idea to check out the trailer below before dropping your hard-earned payola to bring this sick puppy home.