Hye-kyo Song has Fetish in Psychic Thriller

South Korean model/actress Hye-kyo Song, or Song Hye-kyo depending on how you want to say it, is making her U.S. cinema debut in the new supernatural indie thriller “Fetish”, set to shoot in New York for a month sometime soon. Variety reports that directing Song in “Fetish” will be New York University graduate Sohn Soopum, who last helmed the 2002 short film “”Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty”. The film is described as a psychological thriller in which Song, making her English debut, would play a woman with psychic abilities.

Song joins South Korean mega star Jeon Ji-Hyun, who can soon be seen in the big-screen adaptation of the Japanese anime “Blood: The Last Vampire”, by stretching her acting chops onto the International stage with an English-language film.

Or at least, I’m assuming “Fetish”, which is set in New York, will be shot in English. I could be wrong, of course.

Hye-kyo Song’s previous credits include “Legendary Courtesan Hwang Jin Yi”, “My Girl and I”, and the Korean dramas (or K-dramas) “Hotelier” and “All in”.

Update 11/27/07

Here’s more about the movie from The Korea Times:

In the psychological thriller “Fetish”, Song will play the role of a Korean woman with supernatural powers, who possesses an American woman’s body in order to steal her husband. She will star opposite Austrian actor Arno Frisch, who is well known from the 1997 film “Funny Games”.

Hye-kyo Song has Fetish in Psychic Thriller