I am Legend … Prequel

“I am Still Legend”? Or how about, “I Still Know You’re a Legend and We’re Still Gonna Come and Eat You at Night.” Okay, the second one is probably untenable. But the first one? Definitely. I’d go for it. But then again, I’m not Warner Bros., and no one pays me good money to decide if a movie that grossed over $580 million worldwide deserves a sequel. Or in this case, a prequel. “I am Legend’s” original director, Francis Lawrence, is certainly ready for it. He tells ShockTilYouDrop the following:

“Yes, yes, absolutely, we’re actually trying to crack that. We’re trying to figure out some ideas for it, but yes, it would be a prequel…

In the prequel, it’s slightly different because it’s earlier. We were three years later so we did a lot of research into the way nature would have sort of overtaken the city, with the cracks in the streets and the weeds, so if it’s just back earlier, it’ll be slightly different so the approach will be different. We’re not positive of the time of the year, because if you go in winter, you can do some entirely different kinds of things.”

He also mentions that Will Smith would definitely want to be coming back if they end up making a prequel, since, well, Smith wouldn’t be able to come back in a sequel that takes place after the first movie.

To be perfectly honest with you, they should go straight for a series of direct-to-DVD sequels following other survivors of the vampire plague and see how they deal with it. As much as I hate these unnecessary direct-to-DVD sequels, I’d prefer them over pissing on the work Smith did with Neville and his crumbling psyche in the original. Why go backwards when going forward would be so much more fun?

I am Legend Prequel