I Am Legend’s Ending Gets Reshoots?

Something is wrong with the ending of Will Smith’s upcoming “I am Legend”, the latest movie adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name. Or at least, something is “wrong” according to the studio that produced the movie, because they have just finished reshoots on the film. Of course, no one knows if the reshoots had anything to do with the ending at all, but CHUD (and I agree) that it probably does. It’s widely known, and I think you can figure it out from the trailers, that the 2007 version of “I am Legend” is barely faithful to Matheson’s book, so one would expect the ending would also be different. The book’s ending was very, shall we say, non-audience friendly, and what kind of a Big Budget Will Smith movie would this be if the ending was non-audience friendly?

Here’s more from CHUD:

I have confirmed that there were reshoots on the movie as late as last week. What’s not confirmed is what has been reshot. My source tells me that the ending was redone, as the studio wasn’t happy with the finale that director Francis Lawrence had. Since I know that Lawrence’s ending was already unfaithful to Richard Matheson’s original story, I can only imagine that the new ending is more action packed and even more upbeat than before.

Okay, here’s where I’m going to depart a bit, and tell you that I kinda don’t want the original ending ala Matheson’s book. I’m sorry, but this is a Big Budget, Special Effects-driven Event film, and I just don’t want to sit through all the eye candy only to have a downbeat as hell ending.

So sue me, but I hope they change the ending to something more upbeat.

“I am Legend” stars Will Smith as the last man on Earth — well, except for the vampires — and is directed by Francis Lawrence. It opens December 14th, 2007.

I Am Legend’s Ending Gets Reshoots?