I, Frankenstein Adds Two Lovely Lasses Plus Bill Nighy

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I, Frankenstein Comic BookHey, he may be a disgusting, stitched up undead monster, but the ladies seem to like him just fine. Or at least, “Chuck’s” Yvonne Strahovski and “Lord of the Rings'” Miranda Otto seem to have no aversions to the monstrous freak.

The two actresses have signed up to star alongside Aaron Eckhart (as Frankenstein) in director Stuart Beattie’s “I, Frankenstein”, a live-action adaptation of the comic book of the same name by “Underworld” co-creator/co-star Kevin Grevioux.

Strahovski, most famous to genre fans as nerd Chuck’s secret agent partner on NBC’s perennially on-the-brink-of-cancellation “Chuck”, will play “a scientist working on reanimating the dead and tricked into working for demons seeking to create an army of the undead.” Otto, meanwhile, will play “the queen of the gargoyles who wants to help Frankenstein.”

The movie will find Eckhart’s Frankenstein “vacillating between humanity and monsterdom while being pursued by demons wanting to gain the secret of his reanimated corpse.” Dude can’t catch a break, am I right?

It’s been a busy casting few days for “I, Frankenstein”. Besides Strahovski and Otto, the Lionsgate film has also added Grevioux’s fellow “Underworld” alum Bill Nighy as the film’s chief villain, the leader of the demons pursuing poor ol Frank, while Socratis Otto (no relation to Miranda, apparently) will play Nighy’s right hand man.

Production on the film commences this Winter in Beattie’s native Australia.

Miranda Otto and Yvonne Strahovski

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