I Have Seen the Devil, and His Name is Yogi Bear

I am extremely proud to say that I’ve never seen the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” or the “Garfield” movies, though I did somehow manage to work my way through “Furry Vengeance” without succumbing to violent fits of dementia brought on by hammy acting and inexcusably poor computer generated animals. However, despite my ability to consume just about anything and everything related to cinema, I seriously doubt my brain could handle the horror that is “Yogi Bear”. Sure, Dan Aykroyd voices the titular animal with the serious addiction to picnic baskets, but even he can’t persuade me into believing this project is anything but a serious mistake. If the potential dance sequence doesn’t convince you otherwise, the presence of Tom Cavanagh will more than likely seal the proverbial deal. Care to test your threshold for banality? Watch the trailer below.