I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (2008) Movie Review

No doubt because the fans demanded it, the world can now bask in the glory of the first ever cricket themed comedy horror in the form of “I Know How Many Runs you Scored Last Summer”. The Australian film marks the feature debut of husband and wife team Doug Turner and Stacey Edmonds, who had previously worked together on a number of shorts. Having played Fright Fest, the film now comes to DVD via Anchor Bay, hoping to find its niche as a wacky slice of genre savvy fun.

Appropriately enough, the plot is basic slasher fodder, as a group of friends are knocked off one by one by a moustachioed psychopath dressed in cricketer’s togs and armed with an ingenious array of homicidally modified cricket equipment. As is usually the case, the killer’s rampage has been inspired by a past wronging, in this case by having been bullied by the gang as a young cricket loving child. The police, led by detective Gary (Jai Koutrae) and a female officer sent over by Scotland Yard (played by Stacy Edmonds herself) gather the remaining prospective victims together at a remote country house, hoping to hide them from the maniac, though inevitably serving them up on a plate for his murderous attentions.

“I Know How Many Runs you Scored Last Summer”, like many other horror comedies, suffers from the fact that it simply is not funny. The humour is of the broadest variety, with plenty of Aussie pommie jokes and laddish laughs, with most of the gags revolving around crude sexual innuendo or people getting hit in the crotch. It doesn’t help that all of the characters are irritating, or that the slapstick is generally badly timed and lacking in originality. To be honest, some of the humour may well work better for cricket fans, though all things considered this is doubtful, and for the most part it is very difficult to tell when the film is trying to be funny or not.

Although not remotely frightening, the film does work slightly better in terms of horror, with a few gruesome moments and some decent kill scenes that should certainly make male viewers in particular wince. The intestines do fly, and Turner and Edmonds do show a good knowledge of the genre in terms of giving the fans what they want. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of any tension, and the viewer is rarely engaged in the goings on, especially since the gore scenes are interspersed with endless dialogue sequences which seem to go on forever. Again, the unlikeable characters do the film few favours, and their fates inspire little more than indifference in the viewer. On the plus side, the film does feature an impressive shower scene, in which Edmonds is doubled by Arianna Starr, a former Miss Nude Australia. It’s fair to say that this scene alone may make the film worth viewing for some.

Turner and Edmonds direction is solid enough, though at times distractingly flashy, with some rather needless split screen work and other video editing techniques. On the plus side, they quite obviously don’t take themselves too seriously or have any delusions of grandeur, and do manage to inject a vague sense of fun into the proceedings. This helps to take the edge off the overall cheapness of the production, and the film at least looks professional enough on the whole.

As a result, “I Know How Many Runs you Scored Last Summer” is amiable enough, and though largely ineffectual is largely inoffensive. Only likely to be a hit with the most undiscriminating of genre fans, it flounders both in terms of laughs and scares, and as such is a lesser effort, even in the not exactly overburdened with quality field of horror comedies.

Stacey Edmonds, Doug Turner (director) / Doug Turner (screenplay)
CAST: Jai Koutrae … Gary Chance
Stacey Edmonds … Kim Reynolds
Az Jackson … Shane Scott
David Gambin … David Yeo
Ben Paul Owens … Terry O’Sullivan
Aaron Scully … Craig Steadman
Alex Sideratos … Jonathan Stavros

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