I Saw the Devil? Maybe not.

I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie PosterA lot of people, myself included, have been eagerly awaiting Kim Ji-woon’s (“The Good, The Bad, The Weird) new thriller “I Saw the Devil”. For audiences in Korea, it just got more difficult to see. The Korea Media Ratings Board gave the film a restricted rating. This is the second time the film has received this rating.

According to the Hollywood Reporter’s international site

Restricted rating, which is officially called “limited screening” in Korea, virtually bans a film from being screened here since such films can only been played in special theaters featuring exclusively adult films and no such theater exists here.

The film, starring general badasses Lee Byung-hun (“A Bittersweet Life”) and Choi Min-shik (“Oldboy”), is a revenge story about a cop and a serial killer, and was originally scheduled to open August 11.

The problematic scenes raised by the board include sequences in which the film’s character throws a dead body part to a dog and keeps the remainder in the refrigerator. The board explained that the scenes “severely damage the dignity of human values.”

At the moment the producers are trying to edit around the troublesome scenes in a way that both satisfies the ratings board, and maintains the integrity of the film.