I Smell Paranormal Activity 2 Studio-Created Shenanigans…

Of course, I could be wrong, but how convenient is it that only a couple of people in a couple of Texas movie theaters were so traumatized that they found the courage to complain about a movie trailer being too scary and got the trailer pulled as a result? And that movie trailer just happens to be for “Paranormal Activity 2”, a franchise that has lived and died by word of mouth? You know, the kind of word of mouth that has guys at a watercooler talking something like this: “Hey, have you heard? That ‘Paranormal Activity” sequel is so scary, just the trailer freaked out a bunch of people and now they’re pulling the trailers from all the theaters! Man, it must be really scary then! Let’s go wait in line to see it!”

I smell shenanigans, folks.

Anyways, here’s the original story, and no doubt the studio, whether they were originally behind it or not is more than eager to help spread it around:

Well, apparently Twilight fans in Texas were so rattled by the Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer before the midnight premiere of Eclipse that they complained to management at several Cinemark movie theaters. That would be fine, but the complaints caused management to pull the trailer from those theaters.

Reports say the fans claimed the teaser trailer, which is admittedly creepy, but extremely tame by current standards, was “too scary.” What’s worse, Cinemark fully intends to pull the trailer from more theaters if the complaints continue.

Although if this is true, I guess it’s easy enough to explain. “Twilight” fans are mostly young teenagers, though of course there are older fans (and their moms). But for the most part, the kids who love the franchise and read the books are like my nieces, 13-16 years old. And it’s not exactly like “Twilight” has prepared them for, you know, real horror movies. So yeah, I could see them being freaked out, but enough to complain and get the trailer pulled?

I still smell shenanigans…

Here’s the teaser trailer below. Sure, it’s mildly creepy, as it should be, but “scary”? I’ve seen scarier things at the bottom of my tennis shoes.