Ian McKellen Will Play a Retired Sherlock Holmes in A Slight Trick of the Mind

Ian McKellen

Well this is interesting movie news. “The Hobbit” and “X-Men” star Ian McKellen is set to play an aging and retired Sherlock Holmes in “A Slight Trick of the Mind”, based on the original novel by Mitch Cullin.

A Slight Trick of the Mind Book CoverSet in 1947, “A Slight Trick of the Mind” will find Holmes living in “a sleepy Sussex village with his housekeeper and her amateur-sleuthing son. But rather than enjoying a peaceful retirement, the famous Baker Street detective is haunted by an unsolved case from 50 years ago. He remembers only fragments: a confrontation with an angry husband, a secret bond with his beautiful but unstable wife.”

The film would re-team McKellen with director Bill Condon, when the duo previously worked together on 1998’s award-winning “Gods and Monsters”.

Condon will direct “A Slight Trick of the Mind” from a script by Jeffrey Hatcher (“The Duchess”).

The film is set to begin production next April in the UK.

McKellen, of course, is coming off the latest three “Hobbit” movies where he played Gandalf, and will next be appearing in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, once again reprising his role of Magneto. Who knows, if “A Slight Trick of the Mind” is a hit, he might have a third movie franchise on his hands. For a 74-year old, that’s a pretty neat trick.

Bill Condon recently did mercenary work on two “Twilight” movies, and has the Julian Assange flick “The Fifth Estate” coming up next.

Via : Screen Daily