Ian McShane Says The Deadwood Movies Are Dead

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According to Ian McShane, one of the stars (or, if you’re a fan of the show, THE star) of the HBO Western “Deadwood”, the made-for-TV movies that HBO had promised to wrap up the series (which was canceled after its recent third season) is dead on arrival. Or as McShane puts it: “I just got a call on Friday from … a dear friend of mine, who told me that they’re packing up the ranch… They’re dismantling the ranch and taking the stuff out. That ship is gonna sail. Bonsoir, Deadwood.” Well crap. That sucks. As a fan of the show, HBO is not my favorite network right about now. But I guess, if this is true, it’s not really a surprise; the show, though critically acclaimed and had a loyal fanbase, wasn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut, and didn’t exactly justify a series of movies to wrap up the storylines.

More from Cinematical:

[Ian McShane] went on to say that even if the movies were happening, there would be the strike to consider, and on top of that, he’s committed to a filming schedule that would prevent him from doing them anytime before late next year anyway.

Sorry, Al Swearengen, but it was fun while it lasted.

Ian McShane Says The Deadwood Movies Are Dead

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