Ice Cube Talks The A-Team

Bruce Willis as Hannibal Smith, Woody Harrelson as Murdoch, and Ice Cube as B.A. Baracus? Hell, that sounds like a dream cast to me. At least for a movie based on an old TV show where billions of rounds of ammunition is fired off in every episode, but somehow, some way, no one ever ends up shot dead. Now that’s Hollywood magic! So what about an “A-Team” movie? John Singleton wants to do it, and Ice Cube definitely wants to do it. So what’s holding this sucker up?

Ice Cube tells the LA Times:

“Man, I am so ready to play ‘B.A.’ Baracus. I was a big, big Mr. T fan. I mean, c’mon, Clubber Lang [in “Rocky III”) was amazing. I even watched his Saturday morning show, but that was cheesy. I was like everybody else, I watched it for about six weeks and said, ‘Man this isn’t any good.’ But the ‘A-Team,’ I would love for this to happen.”

“Everything is in limbo,” said the 39-year-old star, but he added that his movie priority would be working again with Singleton and making the A-Team a gritty new action film. “I really want it to happen and it’s the thing we’ve been talking about lately, the thing on the other side of the strike or no-strike. I think it could be great. I always look at how they did ‘Mission: Impossible’ and even how they upgraded Batman from what it was not that long ago. The key is the story and the director.”

I’m a big fan of Singleton’s “Four Brothers”, which I think was vastly underrated. It combined a great flavor of over-the-top action with some nice character moments. Obviously, if “2 Fast 2 Furious” is any indication, Singleton isn’t just all about “the hood”, the guy is a director, he knows how to go commercial.

So where the hell is my “A-Team” movie already? I pity the fool who doesn’t want one — NOW.

Ice Cube as BA Baracus