Ice Cube to Produce (and Maybe Star) in 10

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Let’s face it, Ice Cube can’t act his way out of a paper bag, but somehow the guy keeps getting work. He has exactly one screen personality that I can think off — pissed off black dude with a goatee. That’s basically it. Cube repeats the persona as is required of him in every movie he’s been in. Anyways, here’s news that the Cubester is not only producing, but may also star in a movie version of Denton and Giffen’s “10” comics. It’s about a normal guy who gets news that he’s in a competition with 9 other people, and only one can win. You know what that means — run, Cube, run! Or maybe fight back. Either/or.

More from Variety:

Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale adapted the graphic novel by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen. Story revolves around a guy who gets what appears to be junk mail informing him he’s in a competition with nine others and that whoever gets out alive wins. He throws away the letter, but then a man toting an ax shows up at the door.

Great idea, but the role would seem to call for an “everyman” hero. Ice Cube doesn’t look like an everyman. Unless, of course, by “everyman” you mean pissed off black dude with goatee, then Ice Cube fills that role nicely.

Can’t we get Snipes for this one…?

A couple of finished panels from “10”:

Ice Cube to Produce (and Maybe Star) in 10

Ice Cube to Produce (and Maybe Star) in 10

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