ICYMI: The Week’s Movie Trailer Debuts — Die Hard 5, Lone Ranger, Broken City, Croods, and Parker

There were a lot of really major movie trailers released earlier this week, and with so many coming out in such a short time, it’s easy to miss one or two. So, in service of those who might have been napping once or twice during the week, here is a quick rundown of the week’s notable movie trailer debuts.

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in The Lone Ranger (2013) Movie Image

Up first, Disney and director Gore Verbinski finally debuted a teaser trailer for their big-budget, expensive-out-the-wazoo Western “The Lone Ranger”, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer as Tonto and the Lone Ranger, respectively. The masked man rides again May 31, 2013.

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image

Meanwhile, look whose back — John McClane (and son!) return in the first teaser trailer for “A Good Day to Die Hard”, the fifth entry in the never-say-die installment starring Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney as his not-so-young pup. Directed by John Moore, the McClanes save the day February 14, 201.

The Lords of Salem (2012) Movie Image

Not to be outdone by cowboys and supercops, Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem” has finally debuted its first groovy, visual-heavy trailer. If you know what’s going on in this trailer, I bow down to your wisdom. No word on a release date yet.

Jason Statham in Parker (2013) Movie Image

Jason Statham, meanwhile, does what Jason Statham do in “Parker” from director Taylor Hackford. The action-crime flick co-stars J-Lo and The Commish, and seeks vengeance on evil doers everywhere January 25, 2013.

Mark Wahlberg in Broken City (2013) Movie Image

In director Allen Hughes’ “Broken City”, Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe try to heal the city … by trying to destroy each other. Catherine Zeta-Jones co-stars as the woman between them. Fighting for the city January 18, 2013.

The Croods (2013) Movie Image

And finally, Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone lead the family out of the cave in the Dreamworks CG family film “The Croods”. The film, which co-stars Ryan Reynolds (or at least, his voice) begins their journey March 22, 2013.