ID4-Ever, OMG LOL 2Cute

MSDINDA FE014I don’t know why Roland Emmerich would want to do an Independence Day sequel since he has already blown up all of the world monuments. Is the White House going to be rebuilt just so it can be blown up again? First the British, then the aliens, then…who knows? I thought that perhaps humans would take the fight to the alien homeworld since that’s typically how these things go, but as Emmerich told MTV recently, “It’s always about earth and that earth gets invaded.” But rather than stopping at one film, Emmerich said that he wanted to do two of them:

“What we want to do in the next – it’s actually two movies – we want to do a bigger arc,” he explained. “‘Independence Day’ was always like the king who leads his troops into battle against an evil force, and that stays like that.”

He mentioned that Will Smith would be involved but wasn’t specific. Did he mean that Will Smith would definitely be involved or that the films would only be made if Will Smith is involved? Either way, there is no script – it’s just an idea. I say that the only hope for humanity is if it stays that way. Independence Day was a cool action film, before the destruction film cliches got too out of hand, but will a sequel really add anything?