Idris Elba Wants Payback in a Pair of Legacy Trailers

This … is not gonna end well for Idris Elba (soon to hit the bigtime as the new Alex Cross). You can almost see the tragic ending just by watching these two trailers for Elba’s new movie, the thriller “Legacy” from writer/director Thomas Ikimi.Nevertheless, the film looks like one hell of a tightly paced, atmospheric thriller, and I’m glad to see Ikimi do another film after 2004’s low-budget “Limbo”, one of those films that looks a million bucks better than its actual budget. Theatrical trailer (Cinemablend) and a 4-minute extended promo trailer for Elba’s “Legacy” below.

When a military effort to tackle a British-born Ukrainian arms dealer ends catastrophically, Black Ops soldier Malcolm Gray lands in a military hospital to overcome the torture he was subjected to. After nearly a year, Gray returns to Brooklyn and moves into a rundown apartment to reflect on the inconsistencies of the botched assignment. But Gray soon gets caught up in another impossible mission: to expose the corruption of a high-powered senator on the verge of announcing his presidential campaign. …A senator who also happens to be his brother.

Starring Idris Elba, Eamonn Walker, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Clarke Peters, Richard Brake, Julian Wadham, and directed by Thomas Ikimi.

No word on a theatrical or DVD release date, so your best chance to catch it is probably still on the festival circuit.