Idris Elba Will Save Us on Bastille Day

Idris Elba in Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie PosterThe Paris-set terrorist thriller “Bastille Day” has landed its leading man in “Thor: The Dark World’s” Idris Elba. (He’s the dude with the giant helmet and the giant sword, in case you were wondering.)

The film was announced over a year ago, with “Taken’s” Pierre Morel originally attached as director. One of many films, anyway. Morel is apparently no longer involved, and the project is now looking for a new man to call the shots behind the camera.

Written by Andrew Baldwin for Vendome Pictures and Anonymous Content, “Bastille Day” will star Elba as “a U.S. operative who is tasked with interrogating and eventually making a young American boy ‘disappear’ in order to avoid embarrassment to the U.S. government after the boy is linked as the prime suspect to an attack on the Paris metro. After several more attacks, the operative realizes the boy is innocent and may be the only link to the person actually orchestrating the attacks.”

Previous plot points for the film had the Elba character being a “a washed-up CIA agent”, and the boy being “a young American artist living in Paris”. So it looks like they might have changed at least one of those elements since 2012.

Elba can currently be seen, as previously mentioned, defending Asgard in “Thor: The Dark World”, and he’s playing Mandela in the Oscar bait “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”.

Idris Elba at the London Premiere of Thor: The Dark World

Via : Variety