If Paranormal Activity Wasn’t Enough, Prepare Yourselves For Paranormal Entity

ParanormalEntityIf you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the shelves of your favorite locally-owned video store, chances are you’ve stumbled across a title from dodgy distributor The Asylum. Their endless supply of so-called “mockbusters” — films that are, essentially, low-budget knock-offs of big-budget theatrical releases — are good for an unintentional laugh or two, but for the most part, you’re better off pretending they don’t exist. The only notable exception, of course, is the Mark Dacascos vehicle “I Am Omega,” which is a coy little companion piece to the Will Smith action flick “I Am Legend.” The company’s Wikipedia page has a complete list of these laughable films if you’re interested.

The Asylum’s latest immortal classic, 2009’s “Paranormal Entity,” looks like a cross between “The Blair Witch Project,” “Paranormal Activity,” and, God forbid, “Strawberry Estates.” The trailer has been included below to serve as a warning to those who may be tempted to grab a copy whenever it oozes its way into your neighborhood. Since the clip doesn’t really offer much in the way of plot details, here’s a post about the film from the company’s official website:

There’s been some comment on the internet about our release called PARANORMAL ENTITY and why it hasn’t been posted on our website until now.

This has been a sensitive issue for all of us:

A few weeks ago we were approached by surviving members of the Finley family, who asked us to release never-before-seen home video footage shot by Thomas Finley, who was accused of murdering his sister, Samantha, in 2008, and who later took his own life in prison.

The family has always maintained that Thom was innocent of the crime and that Samantha’s tragic death was not caused by anything human.

To be fair, it does look a bit more entertaining than “Paranormal Activity,” but then again, that’s not saying too much. “Paranormal Entity” is prepared to take your money on December 22nd.