If The Found Footage Don’t Get Ya, The Black Water Vampire Will

Black Water Vampire (2013) Movie Image

I don’t blame indie filmmakers for continuing to trawl the Found Footage genre. It’s a cheap way to make a movie and show off their creativity, and hey, why not offer up a decent story or two. The problem with these Found Footage movies, though, is they’re all pretty much the same thing, with a long, slow build-up capped off with a chaotic 10 or so final minutes. The trick, of course, is not to bore the viewer to death until you finally get to that payoff. That’s easier said than done. I haven’t clue if director Evan Tramel manages this with “Black Water Vampire”, but I get the feeling all that crazy shenanigans you see in the trailer? Those are probably all from the final 10 minutes or so of the movie.

I could be wrong, of course. Take a gander at the trailer for “Black Water Vampire” below. The film will be hitting DVD next year.

A group of young documentary filmmakers set off to uncover the true story behind the Black Water murders, a series of brutal killings where women were found dumped in the woods, savagely slain, with their mutilated bodies completely drained of blood. In an attempt to exonerate the man accused of the crimes, they journey into the wilderness where the deaths occurred and find themselves face to face with a form of evil they could have never imagined. What began as a mission to save a wrongly convicted man turns into a battle for their own lives.

Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Danielle Lozeau, Andrea Monier, Anthony Fanelli, and Robin Steffen.

Rising on DVD next year, January 21, 2014.

Black Water Vampire (2013) Movie Poster