If You Could Ask James Cameron One Question, What Would it Be?

cameronBecause Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (who has appeared on such shows as “The Colbert Report” and “NOVA Science Now”), like the man who asks the genie for an ice cream sundae, would waste not just one, but two chances with James Cameron by asking about the misaligned sky effects in “Titanic”. Now you can see what meaningless obsessions perplex astrophysicists on their time off. He speaks in reverential detail as if it’s his duty to tell Cameron, who is no doubt busy on his own irrelevant quest to find the missing tomb of Jesus, what’s on his mind. I also enjoyed his answer about how the asteroids in “Armaggedon” seem magnetically compelled by the most interesting manmade structures in the world.

In true internet fashion, the video is from May 7th and is just now permutating across movie blogs, but I thought that it was interesting nonetheless and worth a watch.