If You Hate Birds, Stay Far Away from the Teaser Poster for Pontypool Changes

I’m slipping, folks. I had absolutely no idea a sequel to director Bruce McDonald’s impressive 2008 horror flick “Pontypool” was in the works. According to Horror-Movies.ca, it’s been a while since any information has bubbled to the surface, which is the excuse I’m going to use for allowing this one to sneak past me. Although it’s still unclear if this is actually going to happen, the market poster on-display at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival is definitely a good sign. Here’s hoping more information about the production comes to light very soon.

Thanks to the folks at Twitch for the “Pontypool Changes” imagery. Although it’s not the prettiest poster on the planet, at least it’s something. That’s more than most of us have.

Pontypool Changes (2013) Teaser Poster