If You Liked Mean Girls, Get Ready For Mean Moms

But don’t get ready for a sequel, because the only thing the upcoming Mean Moms has in common with Mean Girls is that it’s based on the same set of self-help books by Rosalind Wiseman, like totally. Where Mean Girls focused on “Queen Bees and Wannabees”, Mean Moms will be taking a different route with “Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads”. It will, you guessed it, look at the competitive world of parenting.

Variety reports that Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot and Jill Messick are currently in talks to produce and Dara and Chad Creasy have signed on to write the script. So far there’s no word on who’ll be starring, but we can probably rule out Lindsay Lohan, or any of the original cast for that matter, since this is not a sequel.

The Synopsis, according to Variety:

As with “Mean Girls,” story will start with a family moving to a new town. “Moms” will focus on a happily married mother of two who moves from small town America to the high class suburbs and is faced with confronting the cut throat world of competitive parenting.

It’s a pity they aren’t using any of the original cast, this sounds like a Tina Fey kind of movie.

Mean Moms will be like this, but older.