If You’re Not Excited For The Walking Dead Season Three, This Inside Look Should Do The Trick

Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3

AMC’s latest look at the upcoming third season of “The Walking Dead” might be the most tantalizing yet. To listen to the cast talk in this latest video, almost every issue I’ve had with the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics is being addressed in year three. We’ve all been pretty pumped up waiting for the October 14th premiere, but after this, you’ll be ready to grab a machete and line up next to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and his scrappy bunch of zombie apocalypse survivors.

The promise of more action and less tedious, drawn out storylines tops my list of things to celebrate. But there are also incredible new characters joining the fray, and the existing characters are becoming, to paraphrase Norman Reedus, way more badass. I’m super excited for this. There are characters in the comics that I absolutely love, but that I can’t stand in the show. However, from all appearances, this is the season where they start to become the people they’re destined to be.

Though you can tell there are going to be some sizeable departures from the plot of the comics (Andrea never goes to Woodbury), it looks like they’ve at least captured the spirit, feel, and atmosphere Kirkman established. Melissa McBride promises more “shocking deaths” and “hordes of zombies”, both of which are hallmarks of “The Walking Dead”. My favorite quote in this video is when Laurie Holden promises “more madness, more chaos, more grief”. Those are the words I’ve been waiting to hear.

At the end of season two, “The Walking Dead” was moving in the right direction. If we’re to believe what the cast says in this video, and the footage appears to back them up, then we’re in for one hell of a ride in season three.

But don’t listen to me, check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.