IFC Will Distribute Hong Kong Slasher Dream Home

IFC has acquired the American rights to Pan Ho-Cheung’s gore filled, horror movie “Dream Home”. Lauded as Hong Kong’s first slasher film, “Dream Home” follows a woman, played by pop star Josie Ho, as she attempts to navigate the tricky housing market in Hong Kong during a time of crisis, which pushes her to her breaking point.

Here’s a synopsis via 24Framerspersecond:

A cut-throat film about the cut-throat property market, Josie Ho stars as thirty-something Cheng Lai-Sheung. The daughter of a dying builder, she sells home loans by phone, in the hope of one day being able to buy her dream home in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. But when she finally has enough money for the deposit the owners decide to raise the price and this sends her over the edge, on a serial-killing rampage using only household and construction items to slay her prey.

The trailer looks spooky, bloody, and suspenseful, as all good slasher films should be. Sometime early in 2011 IFC will release “Dream Home” in theaters and on video-on-demand.

Here is the “Dream Home” website.