I’ll Be Blunt: Evil Weed Looks Like A Pretty Good Joint

EvilWeedYes, that headline is terrible. Beyond terrible. As bad of a joke as it may be, I’m still intrigued by the trailer for writer/director David Wexler’s upcoming horror outing “Evil Weed.” That being said, the track record for drug-related genre fare is spotty at best. “Shrooms,” for example, was painfully boring and hopelessly muddled, as were filmmaker Charles Band’s two grossly moronic “Evil Bong” movies. Could this be the movie that stylishly and coherently melds drug usage with a concept that doesn’t come across as preachy and calculated? One can only hope. However, one look at the synopsis may obliterate your initial opinions, assuming, of course, that they were positive to begin with.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Emily and her sister Danielle play host to friends at their parents’ country house in the Hamptons. The weekend is poised for success. Murph, Emily’s boyfriend, has chosen this occasion to propose, their respective best friends seem to be hitting it off, and Danielle’s alienated boyfriend scores in the clutch by supplying the drugs.

But when his bag of unicorn weed livens up the party, some of the group begin to suffer from a weird reaction. Inexplicable violence abruptly brings down their high. This October, a certain few friends are going to wish they hadn’t inhaled.

What did you expect from the guy who created MTV’s “College Life?” The trailer in all its THC-soaked glory lies below.