ILM Shows Us How They Made that Ridiculously Cool Avengers Battle Sequence


Chris Evans on the set of The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

Ask anyone what their favorite moment in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” is, and chances are they’ll tell you it’s the long, panning shot when the superheroes finally gel as a team and begin tag-teaming the bad guys. (The other answer would probably be the “Oh, shit, it’s real now!” group shot of the team gathering for the fight and the camera pans around them.)

The battle goes for about 3-4 minutes and skips from superhero to superhero, all of it tied together by one continuous shot, with Iron Man jetting around joining various individual frays before leaping off on his merry way again. Well of course it wasn’t one continuous shot, it was 90% ILM and 10% Joss Whedon coming up with the idea. Or you could say it was 50% Whedon coming up with the idea and 50% ILM making it happen. Point is, it would have been impossible without the nerds at Industrial Lights and Magic and their computers.

It’s ridiculous how cool this look behind-the-scenes is, and really pushes home just how impossible all of this would have been what, 10-15 years ago? Now you can shoot just about everything in front of a green screen and somehow turn out something like, well, “The Avengers”.

Via : The Hollywood News

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    This (like many others I’d assume) is my favorite sequence in the movie! Terrific job by some extremely talented people.

  • Bukkake34

    Avengers was an entertaining movie, probably more so for the younger crowd who will declare it a classic. For us more mature folks, wish it was more dramatic and less predictable..i mean when the portal opened up at the end and the invaders flew out, there was no tension or dread. You knew they were puny CGI aliens who were going to get defeated by the heroes after a cool FX-filled fight. But i guess that would be the goal of the DC comics superhero movies

    • Nix

      Did you just refer to yourself as “mature” while going around calling yourself “Bukkake34″? Seriously, dude?

  • Eagle Eye

    By far one of the greatest Cinema scene’s i have ever seen, at that moment, i realised that “The Avengers” was more than just a great SuperHero movie, it was a great piece of movie magic :D

    Everybody, lets give a round of applause for “The Avengers” and the team that worked on it!!!

    • Urizen

      No. I will absolutely give kudos to the effects wizards involved in making this particular sequence, which is amazing. In fact, I would rank this as the greatest fight/action set piece in a superhero movie to date. I will not, however, applaud Whedon for writing the simplistic, plot-hole riddled script he set around it.

      • Eagle Eye

        Everyone to their opinion :D