Images from Kick Ass’s Opening Scene

In the comic book “Kick Ass” by Mark Millar, would-be costume vigilantes, hoping to imitate the book’s lead character (a teenage geek who decides to fight crime one day), puts on homemade costumes and goes out to fight crime. Of course, the imitators don’t know that before he became famous, their hero usually got his ass kicked pretty thoroughly. That was before he finally hit the big time when someone puts his heroics on YouTube. One of his imitators puts on bird wings and thinks he can fly. As it turns out, not so much, as he plummets to his death on his maiden voyage.

Matthew Vaughn, who is directing the movie version of “Kick Ass”, seems to be sticking to Millar’s comics. Here’s a picture that someone in Toronto snapped of a birdman-costumed extra laying on top of a busted taxi. The person who took the picture supposedly was passing by the set and snapped it with his iPhone. Riiiiiiiiight.

In any case, the pics, via SlashFilm: