Images from Paul Haggis’ In the Valley of Elah

The latest batch of images from Paul Haggis’ war-themed movie “In the Valley of Elah” has arrived in my mailbox bullet-ridden and scarred, but safe. (In case you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet, click here.) This is yet another movie that will come and go, and be ignored because there’s no “hook” to it. In this day and age of “Spider-Man” and “Transformers”, films like this are destined to be appreciated on cable or DVD (probably cable). But take a look at it anyway; Haggis always do good work.

The story of a war veteran (Tommy Lee Jones), his wife (Susan Sarandon) and the search for their son, a soldier who recently returned from Iraq but has mysteriously gone missing, and the police detective (Charlize Theron) who helps in the investigation.

Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, Jason Patric, Susan Sarandon, Jonathan Tucker, and directed by Paul Haggis.

Enter the valley September 14th, 2007.