Images from Live Action Blue Beetle TV Series Test Footage

It’s blue, and it’s test footage-y. Via SuperheroHype, who got these images from Geoff Johns over at his D.C. blog. It’s test footage for a proposed “Blue Beetle” TV show, that according to Johns, will be coming with him to Comic Con for them to show off.

Honestly, of all the D.C. characters out there, I don’t know why you would do Blue Beetle. Aren’t there, like, a million other characters worthy of their own show besides the Blue Beetle? The guy dresses like a beetle and fights crime. A blue beetle!

Anyhoo. According to Johns, the show hasn’t been greenlit yet, but that hasn’t stopped the powers that be from commissioning some test footage. Although, I gotta ask again. Really, guys? A “Blue Beetle” show? What’s next, a “Booster Gold” TV show? (Okay, that might be kinda cool. Goofy, but kinda cool.)