Images from the Set of Three Kingdoms: Resurection of the Dragon

Via Monkey Peaches, has got some behind-the-scenes looks at the upcoming Andy Lau and Maggie Q. Chinese epic “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”. It’s mostly just pictures of extras in a desert set getting ready and whatnot.

“Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon” is based on the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” novels written by Luo Guangzhong nearly 600 years ago. “Resurrection of the Dragon” has been budgeted at $20 million, and is now shooting in China under helmer Daniel Lee (“Black Mask”), who also wrote the screenplay adaptation.

It co-stars Andy Lau, Maggie Q., Leon Lai, Charlie Yeung, the legendary Lung Ti, Rongguang Yu, and action will be choreographed by Sammo Hung.

Find out more about the film here.