In Case You Missed Them … 10 Films You Should See From 2011

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The Man from Nowhere ICYMI

Not everyone can be a big shot film critic like the writing staff of, so naturally most of you out there will have missed the majority of films released in 2011. Even if you were a major movie buff, the chances that you will have seen every movie, especially ones that didn’t blaze a gigantic PR trail on its way to its theatrical release, is next to nil. Hey, life happens, so you might have missed a movie here or there (or all of them, if you’ve been living in a cave), we don’t blame you. Perhaps the advertising sucked. Maybe it starred that guy or gal you never cared much for. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it? Or it comes with those bothersome subtitles?

Which is what this latest feature is for: here are 10 movies from 2011 that you might have missed for whatever reason, but are definitely worth your time to seek out. We promise you’ll like them. (And if you don’t, it’s entirely your fault for having bad taste in movies.)

In no particular order…

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