In Case You Missed Them … 10 Films You Should See From 2011

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Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in Warrior (2011) Movie Image


Two estranged brothers, an Iraq war hero (Tom Hardy) and a family man (Joel Edgerton) are on a crash course for pain and redemption and all that good stuff in this mixed martial arts fighting film co-written and directed by Gavin O’Connor. Nick Nolte plays their father, a former boozehound trying to make amends to both boys, but finding it tough slogging. An excellent combination of family drama and gritty action, “Warrior” also features some of the best MMA fighting scenes I’ve ever seen on film. O’Connor goes for balls-to-the-wall grit, never settling for the cheap “Hollywood fighting” you see, say, in a Van Damme movie. Gripping, realistic, and yes, perhaps a tad too emotionally manipulative at times, “Warrior” also features great performances from its three male leads, in particular a crushing turn by Nick Nolte as the father.

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  • Dedpool

    DUDE!!! You put “Batman: Year One” on your list!!! You have just jumped levels in respect. Also the fact that “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil,” and “The Guard,” and “Wu Xia” on the list helped as well. LOL Great list. Mine is forth coming.

    • Nix

      Haha, yeah. Gotta give it respect. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the Miller storyline. And I think D.C. cranks so many of these movies out, people don’t really notice them anymore. And “Year One” I think deserves to be noticed. It’s really good.

      • Dedpool

        Yeah it was. There wasn’t a whole lot of action but that was absolutely fine because they got the tone, look, and story down perfect and what a story.

  • Vineland

    Damn, I completely missed Batman Year One! Thanks for putting it on the list otherwise that would have been embarrassing. The rest of this list is really good. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is well funny and I’m surprised no one has done a similar thing with the red-neck genre. (If they have I’d be interested to know.)

    • Nix

      Likewise on Tucker and Dale, I don’t think anyone has done it before.

      • Dedpool

        Nope, not that I’ve seen and it was such a fun flick. Got a T-shirt for it from ComicCon =-P

  • GuiLadouche

    Drive sucks and you know it. Name one scene in the whole movie that is not some 1st year film student’s idea of “cool” after smoking a pound of weed (minimum).