In Desperate Need of More Cuba? Wrong Turn At Tahoe Can Help.

CubaForget what you may have heard to the contrary — Cuba Gooding, Jr. is the hardest working man in show business. Well, he’s the hardest working man in direct-to-video cinema, anyway. If his seriously dodgy Val Kilmer co-op “Hard Wired” wasn’t enough to satisfy your unnatural craving for Cuba’s patented brand of second-tier action, you’ll only have to wait a few weeks to enjoy Franck Khalfoun’s “Wrong Turn at Tahoe,” which co-stars Harvey Keitel and Miguel Ferrer. If this release doesn’t cement the man’s place at the top of the STV pile, I don’t know what will. After all, when you’re releasing more movies per year than the likes of Steven Seagal and Val Kilmer, that has to account for something, right?

Here’s the lowdown on the plot:

Love. Honor. Power. Fear of death… People live for all kinds of reasons. Life becomes the ultimate battle when all you’re living for is revenge. Joshua (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a hard-nosed collector for a ruthless mob boss (Miguel Ferrer), lives in a world filled with brutal violence and beautiful women. But when he finds himself in the middle of a power struggle with the most dominant drug lord in the business (Harvey Keitel), Joshua knows that one false move could cause everything to come crashing down.

I’ve always had a hard time buying Cuba as a tough guy, but maybe this will be the picture that completely changes my opinion. If not, I’m sure he’s got something snazzy lined up for next month, too. One can only hope, right? Heh.