In Not Really Unexpected News: Shrek the Third Cleans up at the Box office

To absolutely no one’s surprise, “Shrek the Third”, the third entry in the popular animated series about a green ogre and his wiseass, well, ass (voiced by Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, respectively), broke box office records with a $122 million take in its very first weekend, marking it the biggest opening for an animated film in the history of mankind and thereabouts, and third opening of all time among all movies. “Spider-Man 3” remained strong with $28.5 million, while the British/Hollywood horror flick “28 Weeks Later” managed good money with $5.15 in its second weekend. Still, the biggest shocker is “Disturbia”, which once more stayed at the Top 5 positions at #4 with $3.7 million. I told you once and I’ll say it again: people love Eddie Murphy as an ass.

The Top 10 at the box office broke down like this:

1. “Shrek the Third,” $122 million.

2. “Spider-Man 3,” $28.5 million.

3. “28 Weeks Later,” $5.15 million.

4. “Disturbia,” $3.7 million.

5. “Georgia Rule,” $3.5 million.

6. “Fracture,” $2.4 million. 7. “Delta Farce,” $1.8 million.

8. “The Invisible,” $1.3 million.

9. “Hot Fuzz,” $1.26 million.

10. “Waitress,” $1.14 million.